Creating/designing innovative facades
for buildings since 1989

We have been creating curtain walls and aluminum doors and windows for the Italian, German, Austrian and American market since 1989.
We work on few selected projects each year for simple reasons: we prefer quality to quantity, we love big size construction sites, we like the type of challenges that require researching and implementing different, original and ground-breaking solutions.
Ever since Antonio Bordignon founded Intercom, our operative, administrative and commercial headquarters have been in Cittadella. The entire production cycle of our facades takes place here.
And in order to achieve the greatest results – in terms of the facade’s performance as well as the client’s satisfaction – we have chosen to rely on our highly-qualified and specialized staff at all times. This way, we can oversee all the project’s steps optimally: from design to construction, until installation and setup.
Nowadays more than ever, a building’s facade is a complex system, where the architect’s vision, the engineering know-how and the investor’s expectations come together. The stakes are high: the facade will define the building’s own character and its ability to blend with the surrounding landscape.
That’s why we have turned challenges into our natural habitat: whether technological, logistical or organizational. Or even conceptual: so much so that we rarely use serial systems, but rather create new and innovative curtain wall systems thanks to our collaboration with Wicona – world leader in aluminum systems.
Highly technological content, top quality of the final construction, full compliance with the installation and setup’s timings as well as with the project’s budget. These are the principles that have been guiding the work of Intercom.

about us


It is under the guidance of Andrea Bordignon – CEO of the company since 2001 – that Intercom has been looking at the outer world with higher determination: by incorporating the evolution of the glass industry, working on light modulation, cherishing the technological lessons learnt by working in the German market.
The company could thus become an even greater herald of the architects and investors’ ideas and needs, being capable of translating them into the language of statics and functionality.
Not least, the company has been implementing the awareness of an eco-sustainable production cycle, firmly oriented towards the research of zero-impact materials.

about us


We were born in an area celebrated for professionalism and devotion to work. It was only natural for us to inherit the reliability that characterizes this land, the desire to pursue the highest quality at any cost, and a philosophy that puts competence first.
To such values we add the drive for innovation: through a constant research on technologies and materials, we make ourselves heralds of a current, precise and sustainable way of construction.
It is thanks to these concepts that we have been able to present ourselves on highly competitive markets – first and foremost, the American market – as a company one can rely on, capable of leading the most ambitious projects.


This is what we do.



Create innovative structural facades that dissolve the boundaries of closed spaces,
by following the complete process: from design to on-site installation.